"Senior's Autumn" Campaign

The “Senior's Autumn” campaign is organized by the “Cogito” Association for the Propagation and Development of Knowledge on Memory Disorders and Dementive Diseases, along with its president – the acclaimed neurologist and Szczecin University professor Andrzej Potemkowski M.D., Ph.D. – under the media patronage of Kurier Szczeciński (The Szczecin Courier).

The campaign is meant to provide free neurological and ophthalmological examinations to as many senior (over 60 years old) citizens of Szczecin as possible.

Through early detection, diagnosis and proper treatment, we manage to significantly improve the quality of life of senior patients. We also work towards integrating the community, help to take care of seniors outside the hospital environment and introduce numerous innovative solutions, many of them non-pharmaceutical.
The “Senior’s Autumn” campaign is held in conjunction with the World Alzheimer’s Day – September 21.

According to the approved schedule, the “Senior's Autumn” weekend campaign starts on September 21 and continues during the four following weekends:
  • September  21-23, 2012
  • September 28-30, 2012
  • October 5-7, 2012
  • October 12-14, 2012

Many representatives of the medical world have volunteered to join the campaign, pro bono. Euromedis Sp. z o.o. Medical Center supplied the necessary space and equipment, as well as the services of its neurology specialists. The Center is located at ul. 3 Maja 25-27 (3rd May Street 25-27) in Szczecin (the Railway Clinic building, 3rd floor). The campaign will be administrated by volunteering members of our Association (psychologists, sociologists and others).

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