Memory Disorders Treatment Center
The “Cogito” Association

The “Cogito” association for raising awareness of memory disorders and dementive illnesses has been operating since 2008, when it was founded – in response to the growing social need – by Prof. Andrzej Potemkowski, M.D., Ph.D. Its statutory goal is to raise social awareness on advanced age illnesses and to provide support to senior patients, as well as their families.

The association is also involved in educating those tending to the afflicted, as well as training medical personnel. “Cogito” operates both locally and internationally, organizing and co-organizing national conferences and seminars on advanced age illnesses, featuring numerous distinguished representatives of the medical community.

Cogito” has gained vast experience in organizing various social campaigns, aimed at citizens of Szczecin and the entire region of West Pomerania, in an effort to raise awareness of the quality of life and general well-being of senior citizens.

Cogito” is also involved in preventive activities meant to raise social awareness of advanced age illnesses. These activities include: cyclical group support sessions (educating the families of senior patients), general consultation services, as well as additional education of family members of senior patients.

Currently, “Cogito” is organizing the „Senior Patient’s Autumn” campaign, under the media patronage of Kurier Szczeciński (The Szczecin Courier).