Clinical Research
General Information

With the development of modern medicine, many patients and doctors hope to find a cure for the plethora of presently incurable or chronic ailments. However, before a given medicament is certified for common use and becomes available in hospitals and pharmacies, it must undergo a multistep process of testing through clinical research. The tests are meant to evaluate the drug’s effectiveness, safety and possible side effects. The patients participating in clinical research are helping themselves and others suffering from similar ailments, contributing to the general development of medicine, as well as the improvement of healthcare services.

Who can participate in clinical research? 

Each year, several thousand clinical tests are conducted with thousands of willing participants all over the world. The patients volunteer to participate in the research programs, having been provided detailed information by their attending specialist and signing a note of informed consent. Each participant maintains the right to withdraw from clinical research at any time, without any consequences.

What are the benefits for the patient? 

Each patient has access to modern diagnostics and treatment. Each participant remains under the constant supervision of a specialist doctor, available to the patient at all times, without the need for providing references or going on a waiting list. Laboratory and imaging examinations are performed on a regular basis, in order to comprehensively monitor the patient’s health. The participant bears no costs of any doctors’ calls or research.
The patients are also reimbursed for their travel expenses, or are provided suitable transportation.

Where is clinical research conducted?

The Euromedis Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) Medical Center carries out phase II and III clinical research, meant to fully evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new methods of treatment.

The experience gained since 2003, through the combined efforts of qualified neurologists, neuropsychologists and nursing staff, allowed us to obtain the prestigious certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006.

We provide the highest standards of conducting clinical research. We operate with the utmost diligence and in strict concordance with the rules of Good Clinical Practice.

Our Clinical Research Center strictly observes patient rights, as governed by the Polish Patient Rights Charter. We fully respect any individual’s autonomous decision to participate or withdraw from clinical research.