Dermatology Clinic
General Information

Modern dermatology is a field of medicine devoted to diagnosing and treating skin, hair and nail diseases. However, the scope of dermatology specialists’ activities often involves prevention – to diagnose a given illness in its early stages and instantly administer the proper treatment.

The most common dermatological conditions include erythematous, cystic, herpetic and pigment changes, as well as ulcers, birthmarks and angiomas. Dermatology consultations can also benefit patients with hair and nail diseases, such as chronic hair loss, chromatosis or brittleness.

The aforementioned changes can be symptomatic of allergies, mycoses, atopic or parasitical illnesses, although frequently they are connected to chronic diseases. The condition of the skin often reflects the state of the organism in internal diseases, like diabetes or rheumatoid illnesses. The changes displayed on the patient’s skin are often the first symptom of a more serious chronic disease and, therefore, should not be taken lightly.

In order to provide proper prophylactics and ensure general well-being, one should consult their dermatologist at least once a year. A dermatology specialist will provide valuable tips on skin care, recommend a suitable method of treatment and help to avoid unpleasant lesions. An aesthetic dermatologist will grade the condition of the skin and its level of moisture, while also advise on what cosmetics to use and which to avoid in order to maintain health and good looks.

The consulting dermatologist at the Euromedis Sp. z o.o. Medical Center is dermatology and venereology specialist Magdalena Boer, M.D.