Clinical Research
Contract Research Organization (CRO) Information

The highest international standards of preparing and carrying out research, as defined by the Good Clinical Practice standard.

The scope of our activities involves the organization and performance of Clinical Research – Phases III-IV – for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies and laboratories in the world.

Until recently, our research focused primarily on the fields of neurology and psychiatry. However, our experience accumulated through numerous research projects conducted across Poland has allowed us to widen our range of services to include further fields of medicine and therapeutics.

Our accumulated research experience is an invaluable asset in the field of Polish clinical research, especially in terms of doctor-patient rapport and producing thorough documentation – both medical and laboratory.

The research carried out in our institute adheres to the requirements and regulations set by international standards, including absolute compliance with the rules of GCP – Good Clinical Practice.

The quality of our services is proven by numerous internal and sponsor audits. Our institute is also regularly submitted to international inspections. So far, all such reviews yielded positive feedback for our institute.

The results of an independent audit carried out in 2007 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also confirmed the proper conduct of research in our institute. This is perhaps the most notable indication as to the quality of our services.

Thus far, our research experience includes numerous trials from phases II, III and IV, in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, child neurology, pain therapy and diabetology. This places us at the forefront of Polish research institutes, in terms of the ability to conduct clinical research. All our researchers speak fluent English and possess up-to-date training certificates in such fields as GCP, IATA and Neurostatus, as well as resuscitation trainings under ERC (BLS, ALS, PALS).